Saturday, April 17

What is Epoxy Floor Paint and How Does it Work?

There are a lot of different types of floor paints; one of the most popular types of paint is epoxy floor paint. Epoxy floor paint is more of a floor coating rather than floor paint, but it is not your normal paint coating that goes over the paint. Epoxy floor coating goes over the concrete or floor that you already have in place instead of my latest blog post for more updates.

Epoxy floor paint is widely used in industrial buildings, and residential homes, but not anything like kitchen or bedroom floors; it is mostly used on basement floors and within garages. Epoxy paints are made of two main ingredients, these two ingredients are what make the epoxy paint give off a shine, and good coating that will make it shine on your floor.

So what exactly is this epoxy stuff? Epoxy is a chemical material that makes the floor shine and it makes resistant to decay and epoxy is also very heat resistance. Epoxy floor paint has many advantages it is a very durable adhesive that can last for a long time without the need to repaint over it. You can always get a couple of good years out of epoxy paint, unlike normal paint that will start to peel away and eventually chip.go to for more information and updates.

With this being floor paint it is also very good because well obviously a floor is walked on more than I’d say a wall is. Epoxy paint can also come in a variety of colors, granted these are all transparent colors; they will be able to match the color of the floor that you have already applied for your house.

Now to get this epoxy floor coating you have to combine two different chemicals to get the final chemical that is epoxy floor paint. There are two types of the floor paint one that comes premixed for you, this type is used for a low traffic floor, basically used in a home where hundreds of people don’t step on it every single day. The second is the type is the one that you will have to mix up; these are more resistant than the other type because this is used for industrial buildings that have people walking on them all day.

Epoxy Floor Paint

They are also very resistant to gasoline, oil, salt, and solvents, all of which are found on industrial grounds. Now these paints can all be bought at a local hardware store, the ones used for the industrial use you can find in bulk to paint your floor, but if you have an entire industry, you will probably want some professional help.