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Turn Your Concrete Garage Floor into a Talking Point with New Colors and Finishes

Decorative concrete garage floors are the new trend, and it’s a style that’s here to stay. There are so many benefits to having a concrete garage floor.

You have the hardness and strength of concrete which, combined with different creative techniques, looks stunning. With new and innovative concrete garage floor finishes, you no longer have to put up with that “warehouse” look.

As people are spending more time in their homes, a concrete garage floor opens up options for better use of your garage. Whether it is a garage in your home or an auto showroom, a concrete garage floor acts as a stylish backdrop.

The Leader in Concrete Garage Floor Materials and Finishes

To find top quality materials and finishes for a concrete garage floor, the leader and specialist are Duraamen. An established and reputable manufacturer and distributor of concrete garage floor materials, Duraamen sets itself from the crowd through innovative products and impeccable customer service.

You don’t just get basic grey for your concrete garage floor at Duraamen. You get a wide product range including self-leveling concrete, polished concrete, epoxy finishes, stains and dyes for color, painted sealers, chip resins and high-gloss metallic finishes. Whether you are looking for anti-static concrete flooring for hospitals, or high-gloss for your garage floor, you’ll find exactly what you need at Duraamen.

If you want to create a decorative garage floor, you can also sign up for workshops at Duraamen to upgrade your skills. After a workshop on stamping, you’ll be able to make your garage floor look like expensive marble or hardwood. By scoring the concrete garage floor with square or diamond or mosaic shapes, you can create the look of tile at a fraction of the cost. Enhancing your concrete garage floor will also add to the market value of your house.get related news at

Get Latest Concrete Garage Floor News and Trends from Duraamen

Stay ahead of the crowd by learning about the latest finishes and designs for a garage floor. Earn revenues by acquiring a new skill. All these are possible at Duraamen, where the customer’s needs come first. With its focus on product innovation and cost-effective technology, Duraamen has garage floor solutions for commercial, residential, retail and institutional customers.

A concrete garage floor is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to using Duraamen products. You can create eye-catching concrete flooring for restaurants, shopping malls, public spaces, schools, high-end retail spaces, businesses, foyers and lobbies. There is simply no end to the use of concrete flooring, not when you are using Duraamen materials.

Concrete Garage Floor

Get free technical information, color charts. Specs, product details or to find out why Duraamen products are environmentally friendly. All you’ve to do is make a phone call. By calling toll-free now, you’ll get a friendly rep who stands ready to answer all your questions. Whether you want to find out about the upcoming workshops or figure out which garage floor products are best suited for your space and budget, you’ll find the answers you need.