Saturday, April 17

Is Your Epoxy Garage Floor Coating 100% Solid? Does it Matter?

Not all Epoxy Garage Floor Coating is the same and with garage floors, like several other things in life, you do not always obtain what you think. When you learn something new, like garage floors, it is not difficult to skip some features that may be significant to you, particularly if you did not even recognize they existed. Let’s examine a lesser-known epoxy paint specification that may still be very significant to you. Let’s look at the idea of the percentage of solids in an epoxy coating.

Percentage of Solids? What Does That Mean?

Clearly, all epoxy garage floor coatings begin in liquid form. However, there would be no way to put it on the floor of the concrete garage. The term “Percentage of Solids“ is an indication of the amount of the chemical mixture, which will be solid at the end. Think of an epoxy adhesive to understand this. If you use epoxy adhesive, it is wholly solid when it dries, without evaporation. However, in the case of epoxy floor paint, this may not work in this way.

Where Is the Percentage of Solids Listed?

Like most companies, regardless of the products they produce, manufacturers of epoxy garage floor coatings tend to set aside specifications in which their product does not excel. This makes it difficult for the consumer to know if he is getting the right product. Generally, epoxy coatings that are not 100% solid will not say it in many words. As an alternative, they will be referred to as acrylic base or water. Obviously, any epoxy paint for garage floors that is 100% solid will usually be announced with a lot of pride. Learn more.

Do I Actually Need An Epoxy Paint Blend That Is Hundred Percent Solid?

You really, most likely, do not. But you may lose additional strength if you ever drop a tool on your beautiful, shiny painted floor. Most people use a few types of garage floor covering on their paint to make it look good, so they will never realize they use one of the several finishes for water-based garage floors. There is simply no big difference in the price between 100% solid and dilute epoxies. Some water-based or acrylic based paints cost even more than epoxy blends that are 100% solid. This is one of those secrets of the industry that would possibly not be considered publicly acceptable if the general public knew about it.

Why Every Epoxy Garage Floor Coating Is Not a Hundred Percent Solid

The most likely reason is the profit margin. Any professional company makes the least expensive product and sells it as much as possible, without risking its reputation. Therefore, if they can dilute it a bit, charge the same amount and get people to purchase it and be happy with it, why not?

Does this mean that you must avoid all water-based epoxies in principle? Yes, that is where you have to make your option. Do you go with the little one who does not have the reputation but promises a better product for less, or buys it with the big name and hopes you do not notice the difference? When buying an epoxy garage floor coating, like several other things, it actually depends on the kind of consumer you are. Check out this site: