Saturday, April 17

5 Things to Do Before Tackling Garage Floor Coatings

A lot of homeowners don’t buy a garage floor painting kit as they believe it’s unnecessary. It’s easy to see why few people think about a floor coating for garages as it seems redundant. The garage is only used for parking cars at night and the occasional workspace for DIY projects. Most households use garages as a storage space; however, the concrete can wear away in little time if left untreated. Fortunately, floor coatings are fairly easy to apply. So, what things should you do before attempting this task at home?

Inspect the Floor

Before you even buy the epoxy floor paint, you should look at the state of your floor. This might seem a bit silly, but you need to know what condition your floors are in. If they’re in a poor state, you may need to make minor repairs first and you’re unlikely to be able to do that yourself. Instead, you’ll need a professional. Fortunately, if you add a sealant early on, this should be avoidable. Inspecting the floor will give you a clear indication if the garage is ready to be coated with epoxy paint.

Understand How the Installation Process Works

Whether you’re personally handling this part or getting a professional in, you need to understand how the installation process works. This will help to ensure the process goes smoothly and that you also know what you’re doing. Of course, a lot of people assume it’s a simple process and end up having to do the task twice. Instead, understand what a garage floor painting kit is and how to install it. Check here!

A Proper Clean Is Required

You need to spend a good little while cleaning the garage floor. A bucket of hot soapy water and a scrub brush will often do the trick. This will help to remove any dirt or grime in the garage and will make it easier to apply the floor coating. If there are oil or other stains, you may need to use an eco-friendly cleaner to remove these stains. Fortunately, they don’t cost a lot of money and should deal with the problems in little time. If you’re buying the epoxy floor paint at a hardware store, you should always be able to pick up a stain remover too.

Know the Moisture Level in your Garage

You probably have no clue about the moisture level in the garage but it’s important you do because it’ll effect when the paint is applied. You can add epoxy floor paint coatings in little time, but they’re more effective when applied at the proper time. It’s easy to find out the moisture levels too.

Prime and Paint

Applying the floor coating is easy, just remember to prime the area first. This mightn’t always be something you think about, however, it’s an important part of the process. It’ll make it easier for the floor paint to stick and will dry quicker too. However, the garage might be out of action for at least twenty-four hours. And a garage floor painting kit isn’t too expensive to purchase.

Make Your Garage Durable

You don’t always take notice of the floor in your garage. It’s a reasonable assumption to believe the concrete will hold out a few years. Unfortunately, without a floor coating, it is susceptible to wear and tear, quicker than normal. Remember, this is a heavy-traffic area with cars rolling in and out all day. Opting for epoxy floor paint coatings can be smart and a lot easier to apply than you think too. Click here for more information: